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This site is about inspiration, yours and mine!

Having been through Leukemia, Heart Attack, business losses, divorce and the fact that I am a 30 year private detective, I feel I have a unique perspective on life. I have always seen the world a bit differently than others.

My goal and is to inspire people who have been through health and emotional issues. I try to do by example. My journey started with getting in shape both mentally and physically. At almost 59 years I am in the best shape of my life and I hope I can inspire you to take that first step to a healthier lifestyle.

I derive satisfaction from helping others and in turn, helping myself. I am always on a quest to learn more, to understand better, and to take my knowledge and life experiences to help others.

As a 30-year semi-retired Private Eye, Leukemia and Heart Attack Survivor, Video Producer, Professional Social Media Marketer, Website Developer, Visual Creator, 50-Plus Fitness Inspirer, and Storyteller, I can bring a lot to the plate when it comes to working with others.


So take a look around and visit my other websites and my social media sites, and let's get to know one another. You never know what a chance meeting can do to change the world! 

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