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  • Vic Pichette

Welcome to My Leukemia And Me

Thank you for checking out my website, I am thrilled you're here. That means that I at least inspired you to come here to see what this is all about. Well right now the site is new but thriving. As the days go by, I will be adding new content designed to inspire and help you along with your journey.

At the the same time I will seeking your stories and photos of your journey back to health.

Please visit my contact page and send me your story, I truly want to know about your life. I will use in my videos, blog and on social media. I may even as for an interview to add to my friends who need more inspiration.

Here is a quick video of me talking about the site and what's coming up.

Please feel free to like and join my social pages including subscribing to my new Youtube channel.

I truly appreciate all your support. Vic

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